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Most of our products ship in 5-20 business days.

ergonofis accessories Black The Anti-Fatigue Mat
The Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Made in Canada, our anti-fatigue mat allows you to work longer standing up at your adjustable desk. The mat also enhances the entire experience by giving you an ergonomic posture tool and accessory for optimal comfort. Your knees and your lower back will thank you for the relief!

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Woman stepping on black anti-fatigue mat - ergonofis

Product Specs

- Dimensions: 30'’ W x 18’’ D x 0.8'' T
- 100% polyurethane resistant to tear
- Shockproof
- Soft surface
- Available in black matte or light grey
- Made in Canada


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It’s like standing on a cloud!

Did we say our anti-fatigue mat offers tremendous comfort? It’s a small accessory with a minimalist design, yet its impact on your comfort while working standing up is monumental. It’s been compared to standing on a cloud... At least that’s what our customers say!

Made in Canada - Sustainable

Relieves pressure for optimal comfort

Our anti-fatigue mats are built to allow your muscles to de-contract, which increases your blood circulation and relieves tension in your ankles, knees, and back. This also helps you save energy (hence the name “anti-fatigue mat”) as your body doesn’t need to work as hard to pump blood through your body when compared to standing on hard surfaces.

The best motors on the market

Of unparalleled quality, Alive is built with the best silent motors on the market, an anticollision system, and an integrated interface that allows you to adjust its height with a simple touch, in a matter of seconds.

300-lb lifting capacity - 10-year warranty
Integrated touch screen
Black anti-fatigue mat - ergonofis

Frequently asked questions

Simply slide the mat under your desk when sitting. The anti-fatigue mat has a very minimalist design and only measures 30" wide by 18" deep.

Absolutely! Our anti-fatigue mat is sturdy and durable. It also comes with a 1 year warranty, so you can work standing on your mat with your shoes on without a problem, it will always be guaranteed. That being said, we strongly suggest that you work without shoes on the mat for optimal comfort, give it a try and thank us later!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Patrick Kasysongdeth (Montreal, CA)

Tapis Anti-fatigue de très bonne qualité!
De la couleur parfaite pour l’ambiance scandinave créé pour le bureau de ma conjointe.

Joanie Langlois (Montreal, CA)
Confortable et minimaliste

Très confortable en plus d’avoir un beau look minimaliste. La livraison rapide est toujours appréciée.

Ian Murray (Guelph, CA)
Love it

Looks great and makes a huge difference standing at my desk all day!